hi there.

welcome friends and countrymen.

allow me to introduce you to my brainchild, forage&fodder.

there’s a bit of history behind all of this nonsense and it begins with my parents. my childhood consisted of family mealtime just about every night. even when i had soccer practice til eight, we’d still eat together at nine. my parents are both incredible (hear me when i say this, incredible) cooks. most meals were eaten at home and prepared from scratch, so i learned my way around a kitchen at a very young age. what i’m sure my parents did not anticipate is that i’d become beyond enamored with food. it infiltrates just about every waking thought, and yes, sometimes i dream about it too.

my hope for this blog is to better myself through food. that sounds like a justification for eating my feelings, but what it really means is that i want to find a little bit of joy (if not a lot) in every day, and one avenue of happiness for me is food. i’ve compiled a list of things i want to accomplish and will document those trials and tribulations here. if this inspires you to embark on your own endeavor, awesome, but if not, feel free to ride on my coattails for a bit.

forage&fodder will be nothing if not an honest portrayal of a lady trying to do better by herself and others. and hopefully you’ll come away with a recipe or two along the way.


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