homemade bitters

bitters experiement

this weekend i took on the task of homemade bitters. believe it or not the hardest part was finding all of the ingredients. central market came through with most of the goods, but the more exotic herbs (gentian root, cassia chips, and wild cherry bark) took a little more research.

herb bar

after a few phone calls of places near the house, i ventured down to herb bar, because let’s face it, i’m always looking for excuses to go back there. it’s pretty much the only place in town that carries everything you’ll need, and it smells amazing. plus you’ll walk out feeling more relaxed than before. they have a one ounce minimum for their bulk herbs which wasn’t a big deal until i got to the hops – turns out one ounce of hops is a lot. i’ve got hops for days… any home brewers out there?



i decided to make orange and grapefruit bitters (the first will get the most use, and the second will make my man happy). it made for a zesty afternoon (bad citrus joke) and i ended up with a lot of naked fruit in my kitchen, which of course i used for cocktails later that day. my only tip would be peel carefully – it’s all too easy to lose a part of your finger so take it slow until you get into a good rhythm. luckily i completed this project unscathed and with all of my appendages.


jar shot


i won’t walk you through the entire process, but it was pretty painless and kinda fun.  after all four sides of the ryan adams gold album i was done.  now these bad boys will sit in darkness (aka my hall closet) for two weeks and be given one good shake a day. then it’s on to step two y’all


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