a worthy investment: vitamix

vitamixi tend to scrimp on a lot of things. however there are some items that i honestly believe are worthy of their price tag. the vitamix is one of those big ticket items that will pay for itself almost immediately.

i won’t go into too much detail, because most of you have heard me give this spiel in person before. (apparently i am quite passionate about this little appliance) but owning such a device will make you scoff at your old blender and re-purpose it as a flower vase.

the appeal of the vitamix is that this baby is powerful – basically the dwayne johnson of blenders. seriously, i once watched it liquefy an avocado pit. no joke. because it’s so powerful it doesn’t require sharp blades, which means longer use. not to mention cleaning this little guy is a breeze because you don’t have to disassemble anything.

i use this almost everyday for morning smoothies, and it makes a damn good margarita. not to mention when you purchase one, you get a recipe book with marinades, soups, and everything under the sun that can be made in this bad boy.

in short, this appliance is amazing and if you can afford it, buy it (we got ours at bed bath & beyond and used a 20% off coupon). that’s money in the bank y’all.


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