a lil’ detox

so we’re doing a mini detox for the next two weeks. i have a long history with cleanses and detoxes – a history that consists of  being out of control committed to the idea only to quit half way through. my issue is that i want what i can’t have. usually around day 3 of a cleanse even though i feel wonderful, all i can think about is disgusting foods that i shouldn’t have, and normally wouldn’t even want to eat. we’re talking chili dogs, mile high burgers, brownie sundaes, you name it, i crave it. this leads to me sitting austin down and explaining to him that logistically a cleanse just doesn’t make sense for us because we already eat so healthy. then i beg to go out for a pizza and wine.

this time is different folks (at least i’m hoping). i’ve recently stumbled across an excellent herbal detox tea that focuses on the entire body and tastes surprisingly delicious.


we’ve decided in order to maximize its detoxyness (a real word, i promise) we would cut out dairy, sugar, caffeine, flour and fatty foods.  the key this time is that nothing is absolute. there’s no point in detoxing your body if you fill your mind with guilt for wanting/having something that’s off limits. i had a bit of goat cheese today. what of it? i’ve decided to detox by my own rules. all of our meals for the next two weeks will be mostly vegetarian, if not vegan, and sourced from my recent blog obsession, my new roots.

this tea is the bomb. with a simple mix of herbs we will be giving a good spring cleaning to just about every aspect of our bodies (see below). and i can still have the occasional glass of wine. it also gave me yet another excuse to go to herb bar, which you know i love more than anything.



it’s best to get a few people on board to split the costs since they have a 1 ounce minimum. here’s how much we bought to make enough tea for 3 people for 4 weeks.

3 oz dandelion leaf (kidneys)

2.5 oz  dandelion root (liver, gallbladder)

3 oz burdock root (blood, liver, gallbladder)

3 oz milk thistle seed (liver, gallbladder)

2 oz cleavers (lymph, kidneys)

2 oz lemon balm (digestive tonic, nervine)

2.5 oz pau d’arco (blood, parasites)

2 oz horsetail (kidneys, skin)

1 oz red clover (blood)

1 oz chickweed (lymph, colon)

2 oz angelica root (liver, digestive tonic)

2.5 oz yarrow herb (liver, gallbladder, blood, general tonic)

1.5 oz nettle leaf (kidneys, blood, general tonic, nutritive)

2 oz plantain (skin, lungs, gastric system, internal healer, antiseptic)

detox tea recipe.


2 thoughts on “a lil’ detox

  1. Love your idea of a good cleanse. After this being my first, I have learned what I will do it a tad differently next time. This is more my style for sure. I’m drinking a dandelion root tea which this recipe looks awesome, so thanks for sharing!

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