lunch with mama // clark’s oyster bar


meet mama miller. she’s the best mom a girl could ask for and we get along like gangbusters. every thursday we have lunch together at a place that is new to both of us. and i think it’s time i start sharing these little adventures with you. enjoy.

this week we went to clark’s oyster bar and it was delightful. this place feels like a trip to the hamptons (or at least what i imagine the hamptons to be like). the staff and clientele offer an abundance of freshly pressed chinos and pastels and most of the men eating around us looked like senators or retired pro golfers. there was literally a man at the bar wearing a seersucker suit and sun hat. needless to say i felt the need to throw around phrases like ‘nest egg’ and ‘i still can’t decide what to name my yacht.” did i mention that we showed up in jeans and t shirts? ah well. we ordered in style if nothing else.

the gold silverthis place is beautiful. the silverware is gold. it’s golderware and i loved it. we started off with moscow mules with a blueberry twist and a sample of east and west coast oysters. the moonstones were my favorite. oh and fresh bread with butter and flaky sea salt. please and thank you.


bread & mule

we decided to split the crab cake served on a frisee salad with hollandaise and a side of their rosemary fries. and then followed it up with a s’mores affogato aka my own personal nirvana. it’s a shot of stumptown espresso poured over toasted marshmallow ice cream paired with chocolate graham cracker macarons. i may have died.


while the food and atmosphere were lovely, this isn’t a place i could afford to frequent. we paid a pretty penny for a simple afternoon lunch, but i’m glad we went. stay tuned for more lunch with mama posts and i’d love any suggestions of new places to try. happy friday!



4 thoughts on “lunch with mama // clark’s oyster bar

  1. yum! and that bread/butter/sea salt combo looks like heaven. love the new “lunch w/ mama” feature and looking forward to lots more 🙂

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