lunch with mama // la patisserie






well not actually lunch this time, because our wallets are still upset with us from last week’s lunch. so we decided to go out for ice cream. but then the temperature dropped thirty degrees in a matter of hours and it started raining, so we switched it up yet again. they say it’s a woman’s right to change her mind. and they’d be correct. we ended up at la patisserie. an oldie but a goodie.

this place isn’t new to either of us, but we both felt like we needed a little comfort and decadence, so we broke the rules. it’s situated in a quaint little house, with a small porch, and they give you blankets when it’s cold outside. hence the instant comfy effect i spoke of. they serve one of my favorite local teas (sweet desert delight tea by zhi tea) plus all of the pastries are made fresh daily by luxe sweets. and the macarons, oh the macarons. they are heavenly. we tried the lavender, cardamom honey orange (a personal fave), balsamic strawberry, and mint chocolate chip.  the vanilla bean cream puff was also quite delightful. if you haven’t realized yet, my mother and i share a sweet tooth that can’t be rivaled.


cream puff

zhi tea


it’s almost the weekend. i can barely stand it! we’ve got some fun things planned for the next few days. here’s hoping you do too. happy friday.


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