lunch with mama // lick ice cream


this week the moms and i went to lick ice cream. this place has only been around for a year or so, but they sure know what they’re doing. i may be shunned for saying this, but lick is the best ice cream in austin. sorry amy’s, you’re still tasty, and you’ve been my go to since i was a kid, but when a girl grows up, so do her standards, and lick is where it’s at.


lick interior

they specialize in small batch locally sourced flavors and they are basically killing it with their combinations. after roughly 7 samples (but who’s counting) i settled on a scoop of the roasted beet & mint and a scoop of the goat cheese, thyme & honey. normally i fall on the chocolate side of the fence, but their flavors are so unique and refreshing that getting chocolate almost seems boring (unless you get the dark chocolate, olive oil & sea salt flavor because it’s amazing). mama also got the thyme & honey along with a scoop of the tart toasted coconut.


what i also love about this place is how many delicious vegan and dairy free flavors they have. i gave up dairy for a year (long story) and i remember being so disappointed when places would just throw a crappy mango sorbet at you as if you had no taste buds. but lick offers delightful vegan options without sacrificing flavor (or creaminess) which makes ice cream such a treat.

p.s. that is not a posed photo. my mom and i are just basically twins in everything we do apparently.


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