lunch with mama // winflo


yesterday we opted for a happy hour instead of lunch because my mama is leaving for barbados for 10 days and we didn’t want to rush it. it’s always my preference to stretch meals out for 2-3 hours anyways. i like to enjoy a dish before ordering the next, and have wine and cocktails in between. and that’s exactly what we did. winflo has a great patio, and although it’s located right on west 6th, you don’t notice the traffic as much as you’d expect.


the cocktails were mighty tasty. although i love whiskey, warm weather takes me more in a gin direction. we started off with two gin martinis. mine featured st. germain, prosecco, grapefruit and rosemary, and mama’s had lillet blanc, contreau, and an absinthe rinse. yep. delish.

winflo salad

winflo fritti

winflo pesto

winflo table

from there it was an out of this world artichoke fritti (that used fresh artichoke hearts, not marinated!) an arugula salad with candied walnuts, apples and a cintronette dressing that was just the right amount of bitter, and a pretty stellar pesto fettuccine with toasted walnuts and portabellinis. all while sipping on a crisp glass of rose. and can we pause to talk about those little bowls for the accompaniments? love them.

winflo spumoni

for dessert we shared their spin on spumoni which consisted of cherry, chocolate and pistachio gelato. all were nice, but the real winner was that pistachio. things got pretty serious when it came down to who got the last bite of it. and the added surprise of a brandied cherry was the perfect last flavor to hold on to.

after 2 1/2 hours of of sipping, sharing and laughing hysterically we parted ways. next time we’ll need to show up later in the evening because they have a gigantic oak that’s covered with twinkle lights down to the tips of its tiniest branches. and that is something that i need to see. happy hour may have replaced our weekly lunches for good.


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