a garden update

a garden update

well the last week has been pretty exciting in our backyard garden. we’ve gotten a lot of rain in the last month or so and it’s made all the difference. we got our first banana pepper! and we’ve already picked about 5 tomatoes with at least 20 more on the vine. our herbs are thriving and thanks to the trusty plastic owl we installed, no pests or critters to mess with our bounty. this girl’s first garden is turning out to be quite the success.

banana pepper


tomatoes in hand


our cucumbers were getting a little out of control so we decided to use a lattice fence to have them tendril up, so they didn’t dominate our peppers (before and after pictured above). our okra is still growing, but it doesn’t seem to be producing anything yet, so we’ll see.

i’ve really come to enjoy the morning ritual of watering the garden each day, especially on the weekends when i can just kick back with a cup of coffee and appreciate the little oasis we’ve created.


tomato crop


last night we had a little indoor picnic (the mosquitoes are too much for al fresco) to celebrate our first harvest, featuring caprese salad with our fresh garden tomatoes and basil. i’m telling you, this basil is out of this world delicious. store bought may never cut it after this, i’ve been forever spoiled. it’s been so much fun watching our yard transform over the last year. we’ve already decided to double the number of garden beds as well as line our fence with some fruit trees. it makes me long for a bigger yard, but we’ll work with what we got and be happy about it.


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