those good questions

i asked him his name at a concert. he told me, then asked me mine. i told him and walked away.

later i asked him if he was going to a show i was going to. he said yes. and then made plans to go.

i asked him to be my friend. and we were friends.and then i asked him every question i could think of because he was so interesting to me.

once i realized i was going to miss him so i asked if he would come say goodbye before he went home for the holidays. he said yes even though it was 3 o’clock in the morning.

when i asked him not to call me because i hate talking on the phone. he said ok and then my mom asked why my text message bill was $300 that month.

one time he asked me to a party. i said yes. he held my hand. and i didn’t care that he didn’t kiss me until he didn’t kiss me.

then i asked him to a party. he said yes. we danced. i kissed him. and then ignored him because i was confused.

he asked me on a date. i said yes. we laughed and talked and ate italian food.

he asked to keep dating me. i said yes.

i graduated. i moved and he traveled and we asked ourselves if we could do long distance. both said yes.

a year later i asked him to move to austin. he said yes and it was a perfect summer.

then he asked me to move to seattle. i said yes and it was an incredible four years.

at times things got rough. when he was convinced it wouldn’t work, i asked him to trust that i could love him better than anyone else. and he did.

and when i thought we were beyond repair, he asked me to trust that we could overcome anything. and i said ok.

one day he asked my dad for his blessing. and my dad made him sweat a little and then said yes. that same day he asked my mom for my great-grandmother’s engagement ring. of course she said yes.

then he asked me to be his wife. and i was so excited that i forgot to say yes. but then i said yes.

then we were asked if we did, and we both did, so we said ‘i do.’

that was four years ago today.  and now i just ask myself how the heck did i get to be so lucky?

we’re doing a little staycation for the next few days to celebrate. follow me here to keep up with the weekend happenings! (or just do it because it’s fun y’all.)

all photos courtesy of the lovely ladies @ rollinscole.

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