(stay)cation in austin


let me preface with the fact that i sort of detest the word ‘staycation’ however i use it on the regular for sake of time. i hate to start this off on a negative note, but it annoys me.  moving on. we spent two nights in what i dubbed our ‘funky lil’ love shack’ right in the heart of south congress and it was pretty perfect. if you’re looking for an affordable, not at all fancy spot in a good location, i’d highly recommend it. we were sandwiched in between this groovy little teepee and an airstream trailer. not to mention the goats for neighbors, which i made a point to feed a little hay every chance i got. our host was awesome too. he got us a gift certificate to elizabeth st. cafe and gave us this fantastic deer from off the wall just because mr. said he liked it.

love shack1



honestly this was the most consecutively delicious mealtime adventure of my life. in less than 48 hours we ate at some fantastic spots all located within a few miles of our shack. we started off by walking over to lenoir’s backyard bar for a rose punch and then headed inside for their one of kind three course dinner experience. husband and wife owners make this place feel like an intimate living room dinner party. the highlights were the steelhead crudo (amazing!), heirloom tomato salad, and crispy goat terrine. we couldn’t get enough. seriously. when we finished our courses, without hesitation we ordered two desserts and more wine. though it was too cozy to spoil by whipping out my camera. sometimes you just need to pocket your devices and enjoy the good food and the dapper guy sitting across the table from you.


friday consisted coffee and an array of pastries at la patisserie, followed by some fun errands around town after which we landed at perla’s for some lunch and cocktails. honestly i don’t love the indoor experience of perla’s but their patio is a blast. a little more casual with bright pops of color everywhere, and it just seems a lot less stuffy out there. it’s a laid back yacht club sort of experience and the weather was perfect.


gin yummy

flag kisses

a few cocktails later we hit a the shops nearby and apparently felt loose enough to do something i never thought i would… his and her hats. yikes. it wasn’t on purpose but we both just happen to fall for the same style. now we just need fanny packs and it’s officially a vacation. donned with matching lids, we spent a few hours at barton springs which felt amazing. it had been way too long since i’d swam in those cool waters. although the kelp situation is getting a little out of hand. i guess they are really running with the whole salamander habitat agenda these days.

ready for dinner


we opted for a nice long dinner at olivia because they always allow us to take our time with it. our waiter was swell, letting us stay as long as we wanted and order one dish at a time. also, i had the best pork chop of my life. i never order the pork chop, but after i spotted it walking by to some lucky table outside, i was sold. the in-house prosciutto was also delicious (apparently the chef had waited 12 months to serve it) and so was the buttermilk blue crab appetizer. saving room for dessert (aka my life mantra) we headed over to lick for some ice cream.

vietnamese coffee

steamed buns

breakfast bahn mi

our final meal was breakfast at elizabeth st. cafe, which mr. proudly boasts as his favorite breakfast in town. the vietnamese coffee alone is worth a visit. but everything i’ve ever had on this menu is spectacular. i got the pork belly breakfast bahn mi and he got his go to, the pork belly steamed buns & poached eggs. it was a splendid conclusion to a perfect couple of days.

*book the love shack here.


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