homemade(ish) pickles


well our garden cucumbers are coming in like gangbusters so i figure no better time to try homemade pickles. they’re surprisingly easy and friggin’ delicious. i was definitely a pickle kid growing up – like drink the juice from the jar kind of pickle kid.





i wish i could post a real recipe here, but i actually didn’t measure much of anything. the important thing is to have equal parts distilled white vinegar and water and be sure to completely cover your cucumbers in the jar. if you’re not into precise measurements like me, here’s my ‘ish list’ of ingredients for this first batch:

dani’s homemade ish pickles

distilled white vinegar & water (1 cup give or take)

a few garlic cloves, peeled

a few sprigs fresh dill

whole peppercorns

mustard seeds (a hearty pinch)

corriander seeds (a teeny pinch)

a bit of salt (2 teaspoonsish) & even less sugar (1 heaping teaspoon)

bring the water, vinegar, salt & sugar to a boil so that everything dissolves and then remove from heat. pack your cukes in a canning jar (i used quart sized) with all of the other ingredients. i suggest layering – cucumbers, spices, garlic, dill. repeat until jar is packed full. pour vinegar mixture over the cukes until they are completely covered. seal lid nice and tight and place in the fridge. they’ll be crisp and tasty in about 24 hours.

this is a good base recipe for bread and butter pickles. so if you like sweeter pickles, add more sugar. if you want some spice, try crushed red pepper flakes. note: whole cucumbers will take longer to um, well ‘pickle’ than sliced spears or chips, so keep that in mind.


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