lunch with mama // blue dahlia bistro

it’s been a while party people. mama’s been working hard and i’ve been stuck under the hell-storm that are midterms. but yesterday we both resurfaced for a good ol’ fashioned lunch date at blue dahlia bistro. this place is perfect for lunch. the staff are extremely down to earth and friendly, and they offer flavorful, but light fare that won’t put you in a coma once you’re back at work. we were so busy catching up that i only snapped a few pics, plus i was famished and couldn’t postpone the feast a second longer.

blue dahlia 2

blue dahlia 1

we shared the salade nicoise with seared ahi tuna and the bri & homemade jam tartine. both were tasty, but the bragging rights of blue dahlia come from their desserts. our waiter sold us quite quickly on the peach cobbler which is arguably their best dessert, and the cheesecake which ranks with some of the best i’ve had in my day. honestly the cheesecake was divine, but that cobbler was criminal. served a la mode with fresh blackberries. shut your mouth that’s good.

hope everyone has a rockin’ weekend. you deserve it.


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