birthday shenanigans begin now

so it’s shaping up to be the best week ever. for starters, summer classes are done, grades are in, and i’m still rockin’ a 4.0 gpa which makes me happy.  and with all of my new found free time, i’ve caught up on sleep (yes!), sytycd (guilty as charged), and have been cooking up a storm (making this, and this, and inventing a few dishes of my own).


on top of all of that, my birthday is on sunday and we’re flying to seattle tonight to celebrate, visit old friends, and eat our hearts out. it’s been two years since we moved back to texas and this is our first time back to the pacific northwest. i’ve checked the forecast everyday and it’s going to be so beautifully perfect – sunny and 72 degrees with crisp evenings. my cardigan collection is about to come back in a real way. expect a full recap of the entire trip when i get back (just like this one, and this one).  and in the meantime, all birthday shenanigans will be documented on my instagram.  have a swell weekend!


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