lunch with mama // searsucker

lunch took us to the warehouse district this week, which is rare, seeing as i usually avoid downtown like the plague. i’m not a fan of the parking-spot hunt or paying to park for that matter.  but i must say that searsucker is most definitely worth the few minutes you’ll spend scouring the blocks for open spaces and trying to remember which streets are one-way.


for starters, it’s a gigantic space. with its edison bulbs, exposed brick walls, and draping rope chandeliers it has a certain industrial comfort. yet the music and staff make you feel like you’re in a beach town. they still hold that laid back and humble demeanor of a new restaurant eager to put their best foot forward and call you a friend.



we started off with the shishito peppers which were rockin’. i was a little skeptical because this dish usually comes with a dipping sauce, but these little guys had enough flavor to roll solo, and they were delicious. eating shishitos is known as pepper roulette because about one in twenty peppers are hot as hell, while the rest are simply just flavorful. i’ve devoured these bad boys on several occasions and never had to bite the proverbial bullet until yesterday. sheesh that baby was hot. but not hot enough for me not to risk it again and again in the future.


from there mama got the red quinoa salad which was fantastic. i debated the menu for awhile because their burger was recently named one of the top in the country, and the pulled pork sammy sounded too good to be true. ultimately i opted for their take on a french dip – aged white cheddar, horseradish creme fraiche, crispy onion strings and braised beef on ciabatta (i should add that their ciabatta was perfect. soft with crisp edges, not the kind you cut your mouth on because it’s hard as a rock).



needless to say lunch was swell, but their evening menu really seems to be the shining star. so naturally the moms and i will be back next week for happy hour because let’s be honest, that cocktail menu needs some testing out and we are just the ladies to do it. all in all i was extremely impressed with searsucker, especially considering it’s only in its infancy (they just opened 3 months ago). stay tuned for part deux and have a spectacular weekend.


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