a reunion in seattle

wow oh wow. our seattle trip was unbelievable. i have too much to share for one post so i decided to break it down for y’all. obvi, we’re starting with the food aspect of the trip. we hit up a few old favorites, but also found tons of new spots in our ol’ stomping grounds that is the fremont neighborhood. so in no particular order, here’s where you need to be drinking and dining if you find yourself in seattle anytime soon.

milstead & co.

milstead 2

good art , good branding, friendly service, and yes, good coffee. milstead & co. opened basically the moment we drove past the washington state line a few years ago.  real cool guys.



toulouse petit has been a favorite spot of ours for years. it feels like nola, which is never a bad thing. and they do a breakfast happy hour! we get the same thing every time; the dungeness crab benedict for your truly and the pork cheek hash for the mah main squeeze.


dots 1



another fremont gem is dot’s delicatessen. holy crap. we went there twice in two days because they are good at what they do. salumi gets a lot of hype in seattle, but why not skip the ridiculous line and go here instead? their rubens are killer and they serve hilliard’s  – a tasty local beer with phenomenal branding (i couldn’t help but try them all). dot’s has the perfect mom and pop feel that fits fremont so well and the staff feel like old friends. i’d definitely make this a regular spot if i still lived there.


rock creek1

we went to rock creek on my actual birthday for a nice long dinner of oysters and seafood delights (that wild prawns and heirloom grits dish above stole my heart). it was perfect actually. this place had only been open about three weeks but apparently they’d already worked out all of the kinks because the service was phenomenal and the food was absolutely fabulous.



sexton 3

another new favorite spot was the sexton in ballard. craft cocktails in an approachable environment? yes please. we partook in their ‘bet on your bartender’ option where you give a few hints as to what you look for in a drink and they craft something tailor made. even better that the tasty beverage is delivered to you by the bartender and explained in detail. yep. i was smitten.



kingfish red velvet

and finally, the pinnacle of all meals was a dinner with friends at kingfish cafe. picture alabama soul food served to you by people you’d kill to call your kin in an old house adorned with vintage family photos. yep. you got it. this is the type of meal  you prepare for by abstaining from food after your light breakfast because it’s rich and plentiful. the fried chicken is life-changing and when served alongside macaroni & cheese, collard greens, sweet potato fries, spicy catfish, and homemade red velvet cake that’s worth it’s weight in gold, you won’t even think about eating until a few days later.

more spectacular spots not pictured:

smith (we spent several hours here talking over cocktails)

via tribunali (literally drove straight here from the airport. pizza heaven)

the wandering goose (adorable breakfast spot with an absurd biscuit menu)

hot cakes (molten lava cakes, boozy shakes, and homemade chocolate and caramel sauces…need i say more?)


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