computer woes

fussing & fighting

so an explanation is in order for my extended absence. our computer hard drive crashed due to a freak lightning strike a few weeks ago. after a long discouraging trip to the genius bar, she was deemed dead upon arrival. oh but surely i backed up all of my data, and photos, and memories right? surely? shame on me, i did nothing of the sort. what’s even worse is that we have a perfectly good back up hard drive, but life got busy and we hadn’t used it an a few months… no wait a year… oh we don’t have a damn clue the last time we backed up our hard drive. lesson learned i suppose.

needless to say, the photos & images i had in queue for some fairly awesome upcoming posts are lost  (including a series of dinner party lessons that i’d been working on for awhile. drats! ). but don’t fret, because i’ve used up my heartache days on this and i’m back and ready to roll. i’ve got some great new stuff in the works (don’t call it a comeback). so stay tuned and in the meantime feel free to follow me here or here (or here).



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