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i don’t about y’all but when it starts getting cold, i eat oatmeal on the regular. it’s just such a cozy way to start the day. not to mention it ‘sticks to your ribs’ and offers some good healthy energy. but do you ever find yourself in an oatmeal slump? the same flavors can get old real quick, so i like to switch it up pretty often. here is one of my current favorite combos: raw pumpkin seeds & dried currants.

oatmeal fixins

oatmeal 3

i always use organic rolled or steel cut oats as my base and cook them with equal parts water and milk (or a milk substitute). i don’t cook with butter often, but i’m no stranger to adding a touch to my oatmeal for good measure.

oatmeal 2

basic oatmeal recipe: (serves 2)
1 cup rolled oats
just under 2 cups of liquid (i like equal parts water & milk)
pinch of salt
touch of butter (or knob of ghee)
pinch of cinnamon

bring liquid and salt to a boil and pour in oats, turning heat down to medium. you’ll want to stir occasionally and make sure that the heat is consistent. if the oats are sputtering out, then your heat is too high. you want a nice steady bubble. when the liquid is almost all gone, add your butter or ghee and cinnamon to taste. cook a few more minutes and dish out into bowls. now this is where things get fun!

the fixins:
handful of raw pumpkin seeds
handful of dried currants
milk of choice

are really up to your discretion. i prefer a crunchier and less sweet oatmeal, so i go heavy on the pumpkin seeds and easy on the honey. pair with a delicious cup of coffee and a comfy robe it the spirit moves you.

what are your favorite oatmeal combos? i’ve been meaning to try a good no-cook overnight oats recipe, any recommendations?


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