a french inspired date night at home

flowers & champagne

for reals y’all i gotta brag on my man for a minute. last friday i came home to champagne on ice, a bottle of chateauneuf de pape decanting on the table, beautiful fall flowers, and edith piaf crooning in the background. i knew he was making me dinner, but seriously, he pulled out all the stops on this one.  what followed was a three course french inspired delight.


when asked what we should wear for dinner, i decided on stripes because a) i love them and b) their frenchy. donned in our striped apparel we rehashed the many events of the week over a couple of thyme 75 cocktails (recipe coming soon). the first course was a frisée salad with lardons, crispy shallots, goat cheese, homemade dijon vinaigrette and a perfectly poached egg. ladies and gents, if you find a man that will poach an egg for you, keep him forever.

first and last course

the second course i didn’t get a photo of, mainly because it wouldn’t even have come close to doing it justice. but just imagine a porterhouse pork chop, seasoned with salt and pepper, dredged in flour and then cooked to perfection, only to be finished off with a shallot brandy cream sauce and accompanied by roasted sweet potatoes and sugar snap peas. c’mon. this is the stuff that dreams are made of. we finished off the meal with an assortment of french macarons from my absolute favorite place. pictured here are pistachio, cardamom honey orange, rose, caramel fleur de sel, espresso chocolate, and lavender. swoon.

perhaps treat someone to a home-cooked meal this weekend. it’s so much better than some fancy overpriced restaurant if you ask me. happy friday y’all!


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