for·age (verb) // a search or the process of searching for something, especially a search for food and supplies or a search among a varied collection of things

fod·der (noun) // material for stimulating response; people, ideas, or images that are useful in stimulating a creative or critical response

forage&fodder is a challenge to do more than just eat. to enjoy, experience, and educate around all things mealtime. it celebrates the search for that perfect dish, the satisfaction that comes from an outstanding last bite, and that marvelous thing that happens when people gather around a table.

meet danielle, amateur cook and professional food devotee. loves include chocolate, rye whiskey, garlic,scallops, anything breakfast, red wine, mama’s cookies, and dad’s fajitas.

care to collaborate? i’m looking for guest posts from down to earth food enthusiasts such as myself.


4 thoughts on “about

  1. Hey Danielle,
    I nominated you for this blogger-to-blogger Liebster Award. It’s a way to tell you I think your blog is cool, I like the style and feel of it, and I think others should check it out too. You may have heard and/or received said award in the past, which would be well deserved. Plus it’s got a cool ‘patch’ you can add to your site. So here’s your gold star for you!
    Keep on blogging! You’re great!

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