gift guide // the wildcard

it’s friday! and thus time to celebrate the wildcard in your life. you know the one. oh so adored, but perhaps not your first choice for a ride to the airport… these individuals can be difficult to shop for but below you’ll find goods that are ever elusive in character, yet sure to be a hit (just like your wildcard).

wildcard guide

one: curse a little print $22.88 // two: ocean, sea, wave print $19.97 // three: love is necklace from love nail tree $36 // four: georgia envelope clutch by vaalbara $145 // five: footed bowl $28 // six: zissou adventure mug $14 // seven: joinery tambourine $15 – $24 // eight: rilo kiley album $29.98


gift guide // your favorite sous chef

if there’s one person that you’re going to spend a pretty penny on, it’s your partner in crime, your kitchen co-pilot… your one and only sous chef. i don’t pretend to be able to afford some of the things on this list, but a girl can dream right? soux gift guide

one: the kinfolk table $35 // two: meadow tea towel by leah duncan $24 // three: nimbus cloud serving board $110 // four: monterey apron $88 // five: bourbon barrel matured maple syrup by noble $28.95 // six: minaret salt & pepper grinder $198 // seven: fishnet shopping bag $37 // eight: oslo nesting bowls by paper & clay $98

gift guide // your favorite barkeep

this guide is full of little somethings for the person that always keeps the party going. whether they’re a novice mixologist or an expert creator of tinctures, these goods are sure to lift their spirits (pun very much intended).

barkeepone: altar herbal martinis $19.95 each // two: bitters $17 // three: mistaken lyrics coasters by makeatx $25 // four: bitter frost basement bitters $20 // five: whiskey throw pillow $20 // six: mugavu wood wine holder from rose & fitzgerald $25 // seven: whiskey stone shot glasses $40

gift guide // for him

and now a few things for those handsome dapper fellas that we all know and love. believe it or not, almost everything listed is under $50 and made by independent craftsmen. mr. gift guide

one: gentlemen’s glassware from manready mercantile $36 // two: plaid bow tie from fox and brie $48 // three: daneson scotch toothpicks $8 // four: the art of fielding  $19 // five: baxter clay pomade $18 // six: union thread socks sold by manready mercantile $20 // seven: chambray charcoal pocket square from fox and brie $28 // eight: rose & fitzgerald bell jar lamp $150

gift guide // for her

we’re kicking off our week of gift guides with some ideas for that special lady in your life, you know the one i’m talking about. most of the items posted this week are from local and/or independent makers and today’s guide is almost exclusively under $100. happy monday y’all.

mrs. gift guide

one: another feather crest bangle $64 // two: garden party ascot from fox & brie $32 // three: son of a sailor’s sabine chevron necklace $38 //four: isabel crop from evens $170 // five: it by alexa chung $19 // six: another feather large bow earrings $64 // seven: everlane reverse denim backpack $65

on a monday

i’ve been sick as a dog all weekend and haven’t left the house in days. finally starting to feel a little bit better, and hoping to get back to everything that’s waiting for me tomorrow. but in the meantime, i will say that it’s been nice to not hold myself to the million obligations that i usually have listed in my head, and on post-its littering my home, desk, and car. so on a sickly monday morning:

i’m feeling soothed by this:

swearing by this.

living in these.

catching up on this between naps.

and thankful for him who’s taken such good care of me.

a french inspired date night at home

for reals y’all i gotta brag on my man for a minute. last friday i came home to champagne on ice, a bottle of chateauneuf de pape decanting on the table, beautiful fall flowers, and edith piaf crooning in the … Continue reading

computer woes

fussing & fighting

so an explanation is in order for my extended absence. our computer hard drive crashed due to a freak lightning strike a few weeks ago. after a long discouraging trip to the genius bar, she was deemed dead upon arrival. oh but surely i backed up all of my data, and photos, and memories right? surely? shame on me, i did nothing of the sort. what’s even worse is that we have a perfectly good back up hard drive, but life got busy and we hadn’t used it an a few months… no wait a year… oh we don’t have a damn clue the last time we backed up our hard drive. lesson learned i suppose.

needless to say, the photos & images i had in queue for some fairly awesome upcoming posts are lost  (including a series of dinner party lessons that i’d been working on for awhile. drats! ). but don’t fret, because i’ve used up my heartache days on this and i’m back and ready to roll. i’ve got some great new stuff in the works (don’t call it a comeback). so stay tuned and in the meantime feel free to follow me here or here (or here).


life and such // seattle

life in seattle was pretty perfect. sure there’s a fair amount of gray days, but who cares when you’re surrounded by water, trees, mountains and all-around incomprehensible beauty? not to mention the fact that there are no mosquitos there. we opted to stay with friends rather than at a hotel because quality time is more important than fancy robes and our friends have badass apartments which doesn’t hurt. let this be a lesson to you all: if you let me stay in your home, i will instagram all of its adorable nooks and crannies when you’re not looking.


blancos 1


cacti friends



apt 1

29 am


breakfast cake

in between late nights and lazy mornings we also took some notes on how to be the perfect hosts, because we were treated like royalty. chocolates on our pillows, french press for two, and waking up to an incredible breakfast cake and fresh flowers, c’mon people.  believe or not we also spent a fair amount of time in seattle not eating and drinking – i know it’s hard to believe. seattle is an incredibly walkable city so you can adventure out for a day in any neighborhood and find plenty to do.




lake union 2





melrose 1


we tend to travel with no real agenda because our lives are so busy here. so we enjoy keeping it leisurely while on vacation and welcome the change of pace. this trip i had a chance to visit several places that were my staples before. i got a much needed haircut from my man paul at rudy’s barbershop. spent some time at the melrose market and along lake union, and even stumbled upon a store that just sold cookbooks (swoon). most of all, we just had a grand ol’ time just walking around in the crisp fresh air. pretty sure this will be our annual escape from the texas heat. happy friday y’all!

naomi wachira // african girl

meet naomi. she is petite in stature but carries more soul and wisdom than anyone i know. her roots are deep, meaningful, and ever present in her music which gives it a rich and honest quality that most musicians spend decades trying to mimic. naomi is genuine in her strength and fragility and relentless in her vulnerability to share her voice, and more importantly, her story with those willing to listen with careful ears. she holds her family with fierce love and her friends with humble grace. she is grateful for every blessing and mindful of every obstacle that comes her way. and she is both brave and bold enough to pursue her dream of making music. take a listen. you won’t regret it and it will keep you waiting with bated breath on what this stunning woman has to offer next.