life and such // seattle

life in seattle was pretty perfect. sure there’s a fair amount of gray days, but who cares when you’re surrounded by water, trees, mountains and all-around incomprehensible beauty? not to mention the fact that there are no mosquitos there. we opted to stay with friends rather than at a hotel because quality time is more important than fancy robes and our friends have badass apartments which doesn’t hurt. let this be a lesson to you all: if you let me stay in your home, i will instagram all of its adorable nooks and crannies when you’re not looking.


blancos 1


cacti friends



apt 1

29 am


breakfast cake

in between late nights and lazy mornings we also took some notes on how to be the perfect hosts, because we were treated like royalty. chocolates on our pillows, french press for two, and waking up to an incredible breakfast cake and fresh flowers, c’mon people.  believe or not we also spent a fair amount of time in seattle not eating and drinking – i know it’s hard to believe. seattle is an incredibly walkable city so you can adventure out for a day in any neighborhood and find plenty to do.




lake union 2





melrose 1


we tend to travel with no real agenda because our lives are so busy here. so we enjoy keeping it leisurely while on vacation and welcome the change of pace. this trip i had a chance to visit several places that were my staples before. i got a much needed haircut from my man paul at rudy’s barbershop. spent some time at the melrose market and along lake union, and even stumbled upon a store that just sold cookbooks (swoon). most of all, we just had a grand ol’ time just walking around in the crisp fresh air. pretty sure this will be our annual escape from the texas heat. happy friday y’all!